Media accreditation is granted only to the editorial staff of publications/news wire services, press photographers and TV/radio crews representing a recognized media organization for the coverage of the APSCC 2017 Satellite Conference & Exhibition.

The media organizations that are considered for Media Accreditation are:

    · Newspapers/magazines available to the general public, published by an organization whose principle business activity is publishing, and which generally carries paid advertising;
    · Online publications generating a substantial amount of original news content and which belongs to a registered media company with a verifiable non-web address plus telephone number;
    · Newswire services providing news coverage to subscribers, inc. newspapers, periodicals and/or televisions;
    · Broadcasting news and information programs to the general public either through satellite or terrestrial means.

Press Registration
Please send the MEDIA ACCREDITATION to the APSCC 2017 Registration either by fax at +82 31 783 6249 or via e-mail at prior to September 22, with your details filled-out.


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